Beth Williams was born in the second half of the last century, the first child of a brilliant political cartoonist and an enigmatic Southern beauty whose many campaigns in soft diplomacy include China (1978) and the USSR (1989).  Knowing that their lives of international intrigue might not mesh well with starting a family, they assumed new identities as a successful businessman and homemaker, and set about leading peculiarly "normal" lives in a medium-sized Midwestern town. 

Because of her oddly conventional upbringing, Beth finds herself drawn toward the events and emotions in our lives that are often unseen or unspoken.  Her pieces are at once simple, quiet and evocative of a deeper story to be told.  In her jewelry and her art, she searches for moments and emotions that connect us all to our common humanity.

Beth's work is characterized by clean lines and a play of color.  She often works with exotic translucent gemstones, each one of which has a unique character and depth.